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Let Us Guide You on Your Next Big RV Adventure

Let Us Guide You on Your Next Big RV Adventure

What do we do?

We are an RV Travel Outfitter, preparing families and individuals for RV-based adventures by providing the highest quality recreational vehicles (RV's) and camping equipment with the best guidance and training. By providing excellent, individualized equipment and support, our clients will confidently experience all the best of RV travel.

Hotel room anywhere you want to go.

Our motto is there are no hidden fees and the only things you will ever pay extra for are things that will ADD to YOUR adventure like:

  • Add on Electric Bicycles for $35/day

  • Add on Stand-up Paddle boards for $15/day

  • Add on Electric Ice Maker for $20/Trip

  • Add on bike rack for $20/trip

  • Add on Kayak for $20/day

  • Add on Wifi for $20/day

As Seen On Hudson Valley One

Our Rental Options

If you have any questions make sure to ask us!

Artemis "Arty"

2018 Thor Freedom Elite 23H

Perfect for couples and

small families of 3-5

  • 24 Feet (Smaller)

  • Sleeps 6

  • Seats 6

  • Full Kitchen and Oven

  • Fits in 90% of parking lots


2013 Thor Freedom Elite 28Z

Perfect for Larger families of 4-7 or couples who prefer more space

  • 30 Feet (Roomier)

  • Sleeps 7

  • Seats 6

  • Full Kitchen and Oven

  • Queen Sized Bed


2008 Sun Valley X-Treme Lite

Perfect for more budget friendly local rentals and deliveries.

  • Fifth wheel

  • Sleeps 4

  • Queen Sized Bed

  • Triple burner stovetop and fan

  • Bathroom


2019 Jayco Redhawk

Perfect for more budget friendly local rentals and deliveries.

  • 32 feet

  • Sleeps 8!

  • Queen Sized Bed

  • Triple burner stovetop and fan

  • Nicer and Newer


2022 Jayco Bunkhouse

Perfect companion for a family-friendly campground adventure

  • 29 feet

  • Sleeps 8

  • Queen Sized Bed

  • Kitchen and dining set for 6

  • Rear Corner Bathroom


The Bunkhouse Motorhome

  • Sleeps10

  • 2018

  • Class C Motor Home

  • 32.0ft


2021 Winniebago-Solis

The Speedy Adventure Van

  • Sleeps 4 MAX

  • Kitchen with refrigerator

  • Fully functional bathroom


The Perfect Glamping Getaway

  • Sleeps 3

  • 360 degree views

  • Kitchen with refrigerator

  • Fully functional bathroom

Store Space Greenville

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$ 25,000 / month

987 sq. ft. / 6 bedrooms / 4 bathrooms

Villa in Melbourne

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$ 12,000 / month

120 sq. ft. / 8 bedrooms / 4 bathrooms

Villa on Hollywood Boulev

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$ 356,000 / month

387 sq. ft. / 3 bedrooms / 1 bathrooms

Who We Are (Family Business)

(Dad) The Executive Officer and main facilitator, Steve has been owning and driving RV's for over 30 years which not only gives him unique insight into a great vacation (having driven over 1M miles with RV's) but also knows how fun it was for him to share these experiences with his own family and loves doing the same for couples and families pursuing their own adventures.

Dr. Steve Rappleyea


(Mom) The creative director and beating heart of DriveHome RV, Mary uses her 30 years of professional art and design experience to develop the interior of the units to their full potential.

Mary Rappleyea


(Son) Alec is the technology director spent years traveling the globe as a digital nomad before buying his first RV. Because of his experience with his parents growing up driving through 49 (yes 49) states plus

Canada, he now wants to help promote those experiences with his parents but also by finding new ways to enhance experiences like electric bicycles, wifi, and stand up paddles boards.

Alec Rappleyea


Destination Pictures

Here are some pictures of our rentals in places you can also go to



North Carolina


Our RV Rental Experience In Spain

Get To Know Our Journey Here

94 Patura Rd, Modena, NY 12548, USA

What Do I need to Make a Reservation?

Making an RV Rental reservation is simple to do. You can either make your reservation online or you can call our office and we would be happy to assist you in completing the reservation. You will need to have the following information available when making your reservation.

1. The dates of your trip. (June through August is a 5-night minimum)

2. Which RV you are interested in. (There may be a few different size units that would accommodate your party based on beds and seat belts.)

3. Your VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card and driver’s license. An advance payment of 50% of the base reservation (with a $400 minimum) is required at the time of reservation to secure an RV for your trip.

Who Can Drive the Rental Home?

Any licensed, adult driver 25 years of age or older who is currently covered under an auto insurance policy is eligible to drive a motorhome. If you are using our policy, a nominal fee may apply to add additional drivers. Ask your Rental Agent for details.

Can I Park My Car At The Location?

We do allow parking upon availability, please call or email us to confirm!

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